Thursday, August 28, 2014

WdH1: The Fire-Breathing Elephant Expedition (Duke Wallace Foghorn IV)

This is the second in a series of posts that collectively define an adventure module for the new (5th) edition of Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) called "The Fire-Breathing Elephant Expedition".  The module is set in Wanderhaven, the homebrew campaign setting in which my kids and I play and in which I set my book, Sneakatara Boatman and the Priest of Loki.  It's meant to bridge the gap from "The Lost Mine of Phandelver" in the D&D Starter Set to the forthcoming adventure The Rise of Tiamat.  As such, it's a short campaign, taking the Player-Characters (PCs) from mid-5th to 7th level.

This post makes use of the following previous posts:
Today we meet our expedition's sponsor, Duke Wallace Foghorn IV.

Duke Wallace Foghorn IV

Duke Wallace is a lithe, athletic man in his early thirties.  Though not a professional adventurer, he is trained to use the sword, the lance, the dueling blade (rapier), and the longbow, and he is reputed to be the finest horseman in the entire Kingdom.  Before Wallace III’s untimely death, the current Duke Wallace commanded the Blueblood Regiment of the Royal Heavy Cavalry Brigade.  He saw action in several skirmishes in the hinterlands north of Wanderhaven as well as one major deployment to coastal Frankonia where he fought Sentralian forces from the Legion of the Red Lord.  By all accounts, Wallace handled himself well at every turn.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

This Weekend in College Football

My buddy Henry and I were talking college football this weekend, and I got all excited.  There are a lot of games this weekend, and quite a few of them either look like they might be good or hold some interest for me personally.

This list isn't all-encompassing, but it is the games I think are worth at least a glance.  A Google Drive version of the list is here, which includes TV Channel information, or you can find the complete list at ESPN.Go.Com.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

WdH1: The Fire-Breathing Elephant Expedition (Introduction)

On Sunday, I put up stats for a creature of my daughter’s design, the Fire-Breathing Elephant.  I speculated in the write-up that one could design an entire campaign around the idea of hunting fire-breathing elephants, and as I thought more about it, a entire story concept came to mind.  Since I already need a mid-tier filler piece for my home game, I decided to start writing it up, and you can make of it what you will.  I’d love feedback, so if you’ve got some, let me have it!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Wanderhaven Sourcebook: The Fire-Breathing Elephant

My daughter Emma drew me a picture while I was in the hospital.  Now that I'm out, I feel like that picture needs stats*.

The Fire-Breathing Elephant
Huge Magical Beast, Unaligned

The Fire-Breathing Elephant

Friday, August 22, 2014

Five Things on a Friday: Looks Like I'm Gonna Live

1.  I got bit by a spider, but it didn't make me a superhero.
It happened last Friday.  I'd just gotten on the train for home after a really nice ride up from my office on my bike.  I sat down on the floor because the train was full, felt the bite, but didn't think much of it at the time.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Sketch in my Notebook (Part 12): Lost in New York (Part 2)

This is the second half of Chapter 9, which began last week.  To catch up on the whole story, check out the Sketch in My Notebook tab.


The Return of Dr. Necropolis
Chapter 9: Lost in New York (Part 2)

He looked around, but there was nothing close at hand.  They hadn’t tied him to the stretcher—that was a blessing—but he was still shivering, though less now than before.  The shivers were more intermittent than uncontrolled, enough to remind him that his escape had nearly cost him is life but not enough to stop him doing something when the time came.  
He hoped.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Naomi's Story: Prelude to The Stone of Kings

I started writing this story for a friend of mine.  Well, not really for her, per se, but inspired by her life.  I took my usual process and applied it to somebody else's life with what I personally thought were interesting results.

Alas, I ultimately decided to take the story in a completely different direction, and that's why I'm sharing it now.  I happen to know that this particular piece isn't going anywhere.


Naomi's Story

“They’re moving into position, Naomi.”
She looked up.  Tiberius stood in the doorway to her command tent looking concerned.  He held his helmet under his arm, but his shield was already set in place on his arm, and once he set his helmet and drew his gladius, he would be ready for battle.
“How long?” she asked.
“Half an hour?  Maybe more, if the gods look upon us with favor.”
“Do the gods ever look upon us with favor, Tiberius?”
He smiled, and it set his whole face alight.  “They did me, once.”